Ambulatory Clinic Experience

The following links will provide you with brief description of individual primary care experiences and learning opportunities kindly provided by the attending physicians in our program. You could always leave your comments and share your impressions to serve as a resident's ambulatory experience database for the future generations of residents.

Click on the link below to go to the individual physician page.

Alagarsamy, Jayanthi, M.D.

Ballesteros, Samson, M.D.

Cook, Lloyd, M.D.

Elueze, Emmanuel, M.D.

Hause-Wardega, Kate, M.D.

Mehta, Rajendra, M.D.

Merugu, Srinivas, M.D.

Pai, Anil, M.D.

Pandit, Mukul, M.D.

Salomone, Mark, D.O.

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