Pandit, Mukul, M.D.

Office locations:
11202 shaker Blvd,
Cleveland, OH 44104

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Office phone #:
(216) 721-6900/(216) 295-9802

Office hours:

M AM (NH) 1-5 (Office)
T AM (NH) 1-6 (Office)
W 8:30-1 (Office)
F 8:30-4 (Office)

Brief Description.
Patients are predominantly African-American; depending on capacity of resident and patient preference, resident may see patients independently; 1 patient scheduled every 15 minutes; goes to Nursing Homes (NH) with attending; discussion are case-based; discussion of 1 ambulatory topic/week.

Set Curriculum.



Case Based Learning.

Discussing EBM.

Nursing Home.

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