Merugu, Srinivas, M.D.

Office locations:
2351 E. 22nd St., Suite 130
Cleveland, OH 44115

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Office phone #:
(216) 658-8410

Office hours:

M 8:-12 (NH 1-2 times a month in PM)
T 8:30-12
W 10:30-5
T No office (NH/Sub-acute care in PM)
F 8:30-5 (2nd and 3d Fridays only)

Brief Description.
Traditional Internal Medicine practice with patients with chronic and acute medical problems. Some office procedures like knee injections, I&Ds. Focus on Chronic Care Model of patient care. Electronic prescribing system.

Set Curriculum.
Core Internal Medicine content from textbooks, ACP “In the Clinic” series. Systems based knowledge elements such as coding, billing, levels of care, reimbursement mechanisms etc. from different sources.

Appropriate for level of training and comfort.

Appropriate for level of training and comfort.

Case Based Learning.
Curriculum and expected reading is guided in large part by actual patient encounters in the office.

Discussing EBM.
For all relevant patient care related issues and theoretical aspects including appraisal of articles, planning research projects and using point-of-care EBM.

Nursing Home.
Long-term Care at University Manor (1-2 Monday afternoons/month) and Sub-Acute Care at Kindred Fairhill (on average 1 time/week)

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