Academics and Medical Education

Morning report Q & A
The morning report is an hour-long session during which the residents discuss recent admissions and patient management. Questions brought up during that brain storming time are listed in this section. Check out the answers and the literature sources.

Research at SVCH
Even in the community hospital there are plenty of opportunities for different levels of research. You can share and look for ideas on this page.

Clinical Cases and Images
Interesting clinical cases presented and worked-up at SVCH are posted here. They are categorized by organ system. Click on the system heading at the top of the page to view cases from that particular organ system.

Interesting EKGs
EKGs with audio interpretation by a cardiologist. Click on the EKG tracing to make it full screen while you listening to the audio stream in the background.

ICU What To Do Guide
A guide how to survive and excel during the ICU rotation. Useful for both interns and supervising residents.

Procedure Videos
Essential skills required for patient management. Detailed videos and slide shows for all routine procedures are available. This will help to understand better the surface landmarks and procedure techniques.

Physical Exam Videos
Complete general and systemic examination are available. Video files demonstrate the physical examination maneuvers on real patients.