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A Great Residency Program Blog

I've never formally "critiqued" a blog before but I saw one that deserves a special mention. I've entered it on my blogroll.

This blog is quite comprehensive with medical news feeds, posts on public medical issues, critiques of the medical literature and a lot of "local" news related to the residency program as well including posts on "surviving" specific clinical rotations.

I think it's a superb effort and I expect to see many such residency program group blogs in the future. I definitely see it as having a lot of local interest as well as giving the world at large a fascinating, almost voyeuristic view of what goes on during residency.

Check it out.

John S. Ford, MD, MPH
UCLA School of Medicine, General Internal Medicine Division at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, California

Kudos to all who worked on this absolutely fantastic blog!

Srinivas Merugu, MD
Cuyahoga Physician Network, Cleveland, Ohio

Resident Physicians

Great blog. Useful info at the fingertip, so to say. The interactive sessions are quite nice. Look at the EKGs! Compliments to the people who designed this stuff.

Pradeep, India

Simply the great site, hope we would get going with a lot more of EKGs and other interesting images with ongoing explanations. Appreciate the great job and thanks to the involved ones !!

Case Western Reserve University / SVCH Medical Residents, Cleveland, Ohio


Dear Dr Koch, I found your site with Google, and I must say, it looks good! It was very good to test my knowledge, I am an ICU nurse, and also a teacher at our Training Institute. Look forward to new items on your site. Never seen a better relation between EKG and coronary arteries.

Something I will surely use in my role as a nurse and teacher.

Frans Post
Erasmus Medisch Centrum, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Erasmus Medisch Centrum is the largest university medical center in the Netherlands (in English)


Excellent site with wonderful interactive means of teaching a variety of topics!
Enjoyed the style of presentation of the informative journal club articles & case presentation/EKG interpretation examples.
What an exceptional site for a wide range of resources for medical/nursing information and for the 'fun' things to see in and around Ohio! The scope of this site exemplifies a well-rounded focus of your education & quality of patient care! Thank you...you're doing a great job with this site!


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