Journal Club and Case Conference - Everything You Need for a Successful Presentation

Ready to use - Journal Club and Case Conference templates
Download the PowerPoint files and use them as a blueprint for your own presentation. Do not forget to review the file with one of the chiefs or Dr. Christie. How not to give a presentation by the former BMJ editor, is a really invaluable piece of advice, and it will make you laugh for sure. There are more tips on how to prepare a presentation from BMJ Career Focus.

PP-ICONS - What is that? A Journal Club Method
PP-ICONS - A Simple Method for Evaluating the Clinical Literature published in Family Practice Management. This is the only thing you need for a Journal Club, in addition to the article, of course.

Evidence Based Medicine Tool Kit
Check out the worksheet evaluations for different type of articles (diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, etc.) by the University of Alberta. Just print it out and fill in the blanks. Yes, it's that simple. Dr. Merugu suggested two more websites: Oxford Bandolier - a UK based website with excellent essays on statistics and EBM, and - a JAMA collection of articles that allow users of medical literature to understand it. Use your JAMA user name and password.

Journal Club Articles - Choose One
Check the selection. Some of them are suggested by Dr. Sopko and are really good.