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Morning Report Q & A
Clinical Cases and Images
Interesting EKGs
ICU what to do guide
Procedure Skills and ACLS Refresher
Physical exam videos
Useful websites for residents "survival"


Current events: Residents' life
Residents profiles: Meet the housestaff, PGY 1, 2, 3 and the chief residents
Places to visit in Cleveland: Hit the road
Schedules: all of them


Job Hunt: Tips for shining in the job market. What to expect, what to project
Visa Updates: View the latest visa bulletin and other updates
Fellowship tips: What to expect in electives, timelines to ERAS, etc
Useful websites - deals of the day and other

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Welcome to the new look of SVCH.blogspot!
Academics and Medical Education
Residents' Activities
Practical Advice - "Survival of the Fittest"

Schedules and other forms:
Schedules - All of them
Schedules - All Your Schedules in One Place
Evaluations and Expectations

Current Events

Web sites:
Best of the Web - Check it out - It's Free
Web Deals
Best of the Web
Programs for Pocket PC Users

Geriatrics and end of life:
Geriatrics - Basic Tools
End Of Life Care

Guides and protocols:
Empiric Treatment of Common Infections - Dr. Chmielewski
Drug Withdrawal Protocols
ICU What To Do Guide
ICU What To Do Guide - In Detail
Reading Room - When You Have Time
Research Advice - How to Start Your Project
Curriculum for the Outpatient Medical Clinic
Protocol - Early Goal-Directed Therapy in Septic Shock (EGDT)
Early Goal-Directed Therapy in Septic Shock
Pneumonia Protocol and PORT Score
DVT Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol
Reporting Death
Treatment Protocols
Resident Notes

Questions and Answers:
Morning Report Question & Answer
Morning Report Q & A

Journal club, case conference and research:
Journal Club Archive - Discussed Articles
Journal Club Articles - Choose One
R & D - Research Projects and Articles by Residents
Journal Club and Case Conference - Everything You Need for a Successful Presentation
Interested in the Clinical Evidence?
Journal club and Case Conference Templates
Evidence based Medicine (EBM)
Sub-speciality noon conferences
Subspecialty Noon Conferences

Job Search and Licensing:
Job Search and Licensing
Finding a Job After the Internal Medicine Residency
Register for ABIM
State Licensure and more - Paperwork is coming
How to Do Well on the Boards?
Thinking about Medicine - Your Inner Peace

Imaging and physical exam:
Imaging - EKG, CXR, CT scans
Physical Exam Videos
EKGs with Dr.Koch - It's Not Only Educational it's Also Fun!
News You Can Use - The (too) Easy Way

Procedure Skills and ACLS Refresher
New Arterial Line in the Units
Central Lines with U/S Guide machine

GI Bedside Emergencies
GU Bedside Emergencies
Respiratory Bedside Emergencies
Cardiac Bedside Emergencies - Pump, Volume and Squeeze
Sedation / Paralysis Bedside Emergencies
Neuro Bedside Emergencies
Bedside Emergencies

Clinical Cases and Cases:
Clinical Cases and Images
Not always as simple as it looks - Pelvic fracture
Platelets are just 1,000 - What to do?
AFib with RVR after a TLC placement
Complications of Central Line Placement - PTX, AFib, etc...
Facial Droop, Slurred Speech and Afib- Is it a Stroke?
Suspected DVT - To Treat or Not to Treat?
FUO - What is the Source? Liver Abscess
Elderly man with constipation, iron deficiency anemia and FOBT+ - Colon CA? Not so fast
Cocaine induced CP with a high CK - MI or Rhabdomyolysis?
Obese lady with elevated LFT - NASH?
Demented patient with melena for 2 days - Where is the source? AVM?
Elevated bilirubin with no reason - Gilbert’s syndrome?
Hospitalized patient with SOB - is it CHF, COPD, MI, PE or all of them?
Left leg weakness and pain 10 years after knee replacement
Sarcoidosis patient with hemoptysis - a Ball is seen on the CT
RLQ abdominal pain - Can it be an AMI?
"Green" patient who takes Depakote
SOB for 2 months and hemoptysis
Lower GI bleeding on Coumadin
INR 11 and hematuria - 2 cases
Demented patient with Na 118 - SIADH?
Trousseau Syndrome on Lovenox but the Platelets are 23 - HIT?
HR 189 bpm after Albuterol, What is TSH?
Weight loss of 30 lbs over 3 months - Pancreatic CA
Neck pain for 1 month - Spinal Cord Compression
Recurrent Pneumonia in a patient with IgG and IgM deficiency
DKA Treatment - Dr.Tahir
Big Heart with Clear Lungs - Tamponade
Full Arrest due to Cocaine leading to ARDS
Pneumonia and Septic shock
Thoracic Aorta Aneurysm and CAD
PTX after a Central Line Placement
Young patient with UC of the rectosigmoid area - a typical case
Abdominal pain and diarrhea for 2 months - Is it IBD?
Young man with chronic pancreatitis in 15 of his relatives - Hereditary pancreatitis?
QRS of varying size - What is it? Electrical Alternans
Diverticulosis - a typical case plus colonoscopy procedure info
Hepatitis C and EtOH abuse - a typical case
Bilirubin 17 - what is the reason?
Obstructive jaundice for 2 months and no obstruction - What is the cause?
Uncontrolled HTN with low K+
Abdominal pain and constipation in a DM patient - Dysmotility syndrome
Bloody ascites and gas under the diaphragm
Legs swelling and D-dimer of 7,000 - DVT or Baker's cyst?
35 kg man with Pneumonia and Metabolic Acidosis
Hypercalcemia of Malignancy
Pneumonia with empyema and abscess formation
Fatigue for 1 month due to severe anemia. What is the anemia cause?
Febrile Neutropenia in a Patient on Chemotherapy
RUQ pain due to Cholangitis
Lactic Acidosis due to Metformin overdose