Curriculum for the Outpatient Medical Clinic

Form of education (one 10-20 min session per clinic day):
The attending decides if the teaching session will be before, during or after the clinic.

Medical Clinic Conference Topics - from July to December
The topics are hyperlinked to articles focused on outpatient medicine from the American Family Physician and other resources. Click on the link to get the original article. Use "Ctrl +F" key combination to search for a word/topic on this page.

Month / Topic

7 Diabetes
7 Hypertension
7 Routine Screening for Selected Diseases 1, 2
7 Common Skin Disorders - acne and others

8 Lower Back Pain
8 Hyperlipidemia
8 Headache

9 Diagnostic Testing for CAD
9 Breast Cancer Screening
9 Vaginal discharge, Pap smear
9 Fatigue and weight loss

10 Osteoporosis
10 Dementia
10 Abnormal LFTs

11 Asthma
11 Dizziness
11 Immunizations
11 Prostate Cancer Screening

12 Bronchitis
12 Depression
12 Urinary Tract Infections
12 Feedback/Evaluation

Medical Clinic Conference Topics - from
January to June

Month / Topic

1 Arthritis
1 Obesity
1 Thyroid Disorders 1, 2
1 Acute Musculoskeletal Injuries

2 Coding and billing
2 Anxiety
2 Cough
2 Sinusitis

3 Colon Cancer Screening
3 Aspirin Prophylaxis
3 Constipation
3 Rhinitis

4 Dyspepsia
4 Eye conditions
4 Renal insufficiency
4 Urinary incontinence

5 Tuberculosis
5 Hearing deficit
5 Solitary pulmonary nodule
5 Lymphadenopathy

6 PFTs
6 Hirsutism and amenorrhea
6 Feedback/Evaluation

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Self-Directed Web-Based Curriculum - Loyola University Health System with AFP articles links
Pre-Clinic Conference Topics - UNC School of Medicine, Chapel Hill, NC
Integrated Outpatient Curriculum - University of Nebraska Medical Center
Index to Algorithms Published in AFP
Real Video Grand Rounds - Archived Presentations - University of Nebraska Medical Center
Meds Review Chart for Your Clinic Patients

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