Programs for Pocket PC Users

If you are a Pocket PC user and you are looking for free software, check out these programs.

Free Medical Programs

Epocrates Rx - the absolutely essential program on every doctor's PDA is here, available for both Pocket PC and Palm, and FREE!

Archimedes from Skyscape - still free
Medical formulas calculator similar to MedCalc and MedMath (Palm). It requires just 2 MB of memory and can even be used on a desktop PC (separate download). You need to create a Skyscape account. Click here for other free programs from Skyscape.

Current Clinical Strategies (CCS) Library
You have to buy at least one CCS book, e.g. Medicine, Critical Care, Family Medicine, etc. ($ 16-18 each in the bookstore) in order to use the free download library.
Use the first 4 numbers of your book ISBN as your user name and password to download the CCS books for Palm and Pocket PC

ECG Palm Brain
This is the best ECG reference in the mobile world. Simple, easy to understand, beautifully illustrated and very logical. Free. The title says that it is for Palm PDAs but it works just fine on Pocket PC with iSilo ($ 19).

Mobile PDR
You will need to call the number provided at the website to register as a resident

Mobile Micromedex
Register to access the multiple channels provided, including drug lookups, drugs interaction, toxicology

Evidence-based Medicine (EBM) Tool Kit
Nice tool to calculate the NNT and other statistics used in studies and articles

Contains the major current medical textbook tables

A handy reference for management of the most common medical conditions

Johns Hopkins POC-IT Antibiotic (ABX) Guide - some experts say that it is better than the Sanford ABx guide

Shots 2003
Quick reference for the vaccinations guidelines, might not work on some subtypes of PocketPC

Geriatrics At Your Fingertips
A handbook provided by the American Geriatrics Society

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) downloads for both PocketPC and Palm:
Interactive Preventive Services Selector. Find recommendations by patient’s age, sex, and pregnancy status
Pneumonia Severity Index - calculate the PORT score for CAP

Tools from Dr. Velez
And here are some tools created by Dr. V.J. Velez. These are Excel tables to boost your performance when you have more patients on your hands then time to manually make vital calculations (if you can't figure out on your own how to use these excellent tables - ask one of your colleagues for help):

PEG tube calculator

Chanqeinplasma Na

TPN Calculator


Equianalgesic table

'Pay Only Once' Programs

Griffith's 5 Minute Clinical Consult 2005 - $ 50 - $ 65, requires 18.2 MB of memory.
The program is provided by through Skyscape .

The Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy - $ 25

PatientKeeper and PatientTracker
Patient tracking software

Harrison's Practice (NEW)
Harrison's Practice is second to UpToDate - one of a kind source of uptodate clinical information. A little pricy at 325$ but is more succint and easyer to read then UpToDate. You may download a free trial here and check for youself if it worse the price.

'Pay Every Year' Programs

Several programs offer downloads on an yearly subscription basis, which means that you have to buy the program every year - not good if you ask me.

UpToDate Pocket PC download

Epocrates Essentials - a very good idea, combining Epocrates, 5-MCC, ID guide and medical formulas in one product. The catch is that you have to pay $ 140 every year.

More For Your PDA

This is a free browser-based program which contains multiple channels including news, sports, weather, and magazines. You "subscribe" to websites for updates, similar to RSS/XML syndication.

Google Local mobile page
Free maps and driving directions. You need a web-enabled PDA to use it.

Mobile Answers
Free service offering entries and illustrations on more than 1 million topics from encyclopedias, atlases and dictionaries. Web access is required.

This a free Pocket PC/Palm reader with a large library of free classic books.

Microsoft Pocket Streets 2005 - Street map atlas - $ 25.

Text-to-Speech applications let you PDA read the articles or emails to you:
Fonix iSpeak for Pocket PC - I am not sure if it still working - $ 30.

Microsoft Reader for Pocket PC
You will need it to read the dictionary and many online e-books

Encarta Pocket Dictionary
Dictionary for PocketPC

More Pocket PC downloads are provided by 3 major websites: (medical), Handandgo and PocketGear

More Useful Pocket PC Programs on this website

Cleveland Clinic PocketPC Resources for Physicians

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