New Arterial Line in the Units

During his anesthesiology rotation, Dr.Mood noticed that the anesthesiologists used exclusively a new integrated all-in-one arterial line system by Arrow. The product was reviewed with the chiefs and Dr.Sopko, and Lori Miske just got 50 sets of the new catheters for CMU and ICU.

A-line: old is on top, new at the bottom (click to enlarge)

The new A-lines have several advantages:
-all-in-one design makes them easier to use, no assembling is required and they are much simpler as you can see on the picture
-you cannot loose the guide wire inside the artery
-blood flashback is clearly seen in the transparent hub when you access the artery

You can review the product information as a PDF file from Arrow website. Just click on brochure 1 and brochure 2.

Do not forget to perform the Allen test before the procedure. A-line placement technique is discussed in the procedure section of this website. Sample procedure note are available for print out.

We are planning to make a series of photos and a movie illustrating the placement of the new A-line soon.

We hope that this new A-line design will make the horror story about the resident who lost a guide wire inside the artery a thing from the distant past (it happened a long time ago anyway).

More on the Allen test in BMJ

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