Imaging - EKG, CXR, CT scans


You can browse through typical or not so typical EKGs here. Check out the arrhythmia simulator - you can play, pause and quiz yourself. Just click START on the welcome screen, you do not need a user name/password. ECG Palm Brain is the best free reference for PDAs. The title says that it is for Palm but it works just fine on Pocket PC with iSilo ($ 19).

CXR and CT

University of Virginia has a comprehensive website dedicated to CXR and CT scans. These websites would be interesting to residents, medical students and also to someone who graduated from X-ray technician schools. You can go down to our radiology department to see the CT scans of your patient and then you just compare what you see on the film to what they describe on the website. If you are not sure if this is really the tail of the pancreas you can click with the mouse and the anatomical structure is colored in red. Great for easy recognition. ICU CXR is another very useful website from the University of Virginia. It will answer such burning questions like "Is the central line where it is supposed to be?" or "Does he have a PTX?!" Click here for more links on BMJ website.