EKGs with Dr.Koch - It's Not Only Educational it's Also Fun!

Dr.Koch; EKG and the schematic distribution of the main coronary arteries

Note (for some browsers): You probably would like to see the EKG while listening. To do this first right click on the audio link and choose "Open in NEW window", then go back to the original window and click on the EKG image to enlarge. Enjoy!

CP, Cocaine use and ST elevation - is it an MI?
Patient wanted to die but was afraid of pain so he decided to use drugs to kill himself. CP was typical but don't forget to refer to the gold standard - the old EKG. Click to listen to Dr.Koch discussing the case. Psychiatry consult was obtained. Remember that ST elevation may also be a normal variant - NEJM 2003.

Cocaine User with ST elevation
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Bradycardia and Hypotension due to Cocaine + Clonidine

Dr.Akhtar is presenting a 39 yo AAF who drank 6 beers and took cocaine. According to her boyfriend she was so "high" that he had to give 2 Clonidine pills of his to "slow her down". She came to ER with SBP in 60s and HR in 20-30s.

Bradycardia due to Clonidine
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ST Elevation MI and the response to PTCA

Dr.Erfan is presenting a 39 yo AAM with CP. The rapid PTCA had a clear effect within minutes. Dr.Koch is discussing the EKG and the management. Click on the image to enlarge and click on the audio post link to listen.

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Non-ST elevation anterolateral or ST elevation IW MI?

Image 1 is the initial EKG, image 2 is the follow-up EKG.

ST elevation IW MI
Catheterization showed 100% RCA occlusion. Dr. Koch will guide us through the EKG.
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