Central Lines with U/S Guide machine

It's easy. Once you see how the machine works you would never want to go back to the "blind poking". Event if you don't use the machine for the actual placement it's encouraging to check before the procedure that the vein is there, big and ready for the needle. I still remember 2 patients - one of them did not have a patent R IJ vein. The other one was and AIDS guy with a viral load of 90,000, he was with PCP and on the vent. Every time he took a breath the IJ vein collapsed. Even if you get the vein you cannot thread the wire. In both cases the U/S helped.

It's easy, useful and fun. Basel says it's like a video game. The only difference - you are dealing with some pretty serious stuff - central line placement.

We are lucky to have one of the most advanced U/S machines - Site-Rite. Thank you Dr.Sopko and Dr.Tahir.

It is definitely proven that U/S guided central line placement is more effective and safe than the" blind" placement.


You can check the educational brochures about the U/S TLC placement at the manufacturer's website. Feel free to ask the chiefs how to use it. We are planning to have a teaching workshop at least once every year.


Anonymous said...

this machine is currently missing in action .we have searched every room in 2a, surgery OR , 3a.

Clinical Cases said...

The U/S SiteRite machine was in the OR, now it is back in the CMU storage room and ready fo use. Please don't forget to check if the battery is charged before using the machine.