State Licensure and more - Paperwork is coming

Kristian Feterik, MD

Transitioning from residency to private practice is a little more than just taking care of your visa. It does encompass job search a topic that Rishi did explore extensively in previous issues of SIS, and licensing. This article focuses on the licensure process and is meant for the soon-to-be third years, although the 'younger' residents may find it useful as well.

Before you are able to start your new job, you will have to obtain a state license, a DEA number, Medicare/Medicaid provider number, and privileges in the future hospital(s) that you will go to. And don't forget: you will be registering for your ABIM exam.

Requirements of individual State Medical Boards vary. Check with your Board as for what documents do they require for issuing a State Medical License in your name. For example the Ohio State Medical Board does require two important documents: an FCVS report and a TSE exam. So before you send in your application to the Ohio State Medical Board, you must be 'well into' your FCVS application processing. You can fill out a large part of your FCVS application online. Before you do so, double check whether it is going to be useful for you to use their official currier service (Airborne Express, now know as DHL) as it may not service all parts of the world. In case you opt for an account with DHL, open it before filling out the FCVS application. They will ask for your account number.

After you have submitted the online application you will be able to print a list of additional supporting documents. These need to be submitted by mail. I would advise you to send in your passport instead of the birth certificate, unless you have a certified original (no copy) in English.

The FCVS application process takes anywhere from 3 months till… You are able to monitor your status online. You may also call them; later in the afternoon is somehow working out better. And they may also email to you, so do check your email account daily.

Your application will eventually generate a ‘Physician Information Profile’ that will be forwarded to the Ohio State Medical Board. It is a good idea to order a copy for the residency office as well.

As your FCVS application is near completion start applying for the Ohio State Medical License. If you have not taken the CSA you will have to take the TSE before applying for licensure. An AMA Physician Profile is part of the application. Visit the AMA website to order it. You should get your license in about 6-8 weeks.

Following visit the DEA website and fill out an online application for you DEA number. You will receive it in 7-21 days.

Once you found an employer and finalized your new employment contract, you will get back to filing applications. Every hospital you will go to has its specific credentialing packet. After submission of the applications it takes about 4-12 weeks to get your hospital privileges.

How much will it cost?

FCVS fees $355 – $470
DHL shipping fees $100 – $300
Ohio State Medical Board $335
AMA Physician Profile $26
DEA $390
Hospital Privileges $100 – $400 (each hospital)
ABIM Examination $950

Kristian Feterik, MD
April 2004, Survivors in Scrubs

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